Government & Public Affairs

Government Affairs

Today, as authority from the federal government moves to the states, the decisions made in Annapolis affect your business—and your bottom line—more than those made in Washington. MMTA has spent decades cultivating a well-respected reputation in our state capital where we serve as the official representative of Maryland's commercial trucking industry.
  • Legislative Representation: During each year’s General Assembly, MMTA maintains a full-time presence in Annapolis to monitor legislation that will affect our members and to initiate legislation favorable to them. All bills introduced during the Maryland General Assembly are available at During the session, MMTA will also provide a list of all legislation that the Association is monitoring here at
  • Regulatory Affairs: Throughout the year, the Association works on projects and programs with various government agencies including, the Maryland State Police, Maryland Department of Transportation, State Highway Administration, Motor Vehicle Administration, Maryland Transportation Authority, Department of the Environment, and other agencies with control over trucking operations. We continually educate state agencies and their top officials about the needs and concerns of Maryland’s trucking industry.
  • National Issues: As an affiliate of the American Trucking Associations, MMTA also monitors issues affecting our members at the national level and in other states. We work with regional and national organizations and coalitions to protect our members’ interests and develop new initiatives that will help our members’ operations.

Public Affairs

Trucks are the most visible citizens of our nation’s highways, yet they are the least understood. MMTA works to change that through aggressive public affairs programs that make the general public more aware of our industry’s safety record and our economic importance to the state. These include:
  • Drivers of the Month/Year: Each year MMTA’s Safety Management Council honors 12 truck drivers as its Drivers of the Month, with one being recognized as the Driver of the Year.
  • Maryland State Truck Driving Championships: Each year, Maryland’s finest truck drivers gather to test their knowledge and driving skills as they compete in the Maryland State Truck Driving Championships.
  • Road Team: MMTA was one of the first state associations to develop a Road Team of professional drivers who speak on highway safety and trucking issues before schools, civic groups, the media, and industry.
  • Media Outreach: MMTA maintains a regular liaison with our state’s media, keeping them informed of industry news and positions, and serving as the industry’s spokesperson.